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Lauren Busser has been a writer for most of her life. Her work has appeared in Popshot Quarterly, LITRO, Cotton Xenomorph, and elsewhere. Her short stories have been recognized by Best Small Fictions and the National Federation of Press Women.  She's also well-versed in the best practices of content writing and search-engine optimization. 

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A selection of op-eds and essays I've pitched around the internet. It also includes some op-eds. 

A few pieces of content I've written in various industries including fashion, food and wine, travel, and more.


Where I let my lyrical, flowery prose come through. This is some of the poetry I've released 

Short Stories

This is a selection of flash fiction where I like to speculate about what might happen.

Features and Essays



The Subtle Feminism of Janeway's Holonovel

On the episode “Cathexis,” Captain Kathryn Janeway retreats to the holodeck for some recreation. Her chosen holonovel is set in “Ancient England” and depicts Janeway taking on the role of Ms. Davenport, a governess to the Burleigh family. Within the first few minutes of Janeway inhabiting her character she’s put in her place by Mrs. Templeton, and later instructed never to go to the fourth floor. In subsequent appearances her male charge, Henry, challenges her knowledge of Latin while Beatrice spins a fanciful tale about giving a sampler to her dead mother.



Voyager's 'Macrocosm' is a Covid-19 Cautionary Tale

Science fiction is often a vehicle for what might be, and many shows play with the idea of an illness outbreak sometime during their run. Star Trek: Voyager is no exception. While they played with the idea of a virus and isolation in the season two episode “Resolutions,” their second foray into the genre is an entirely different animal.



Harry Potter Villain Brings Out Fan's Dark Side

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Author, Author Can Teach Us a Lot About A.I. and Copyright

Scroll through Twitter and you may happen upon the I Forced a Bot Meme. The premise goes something like this. "I forced a bot to watch 1,000 hours of Batman movies, and then asked it to write a Batman movie of its own." There are then a couple of photos in a script format that usually details a scene of deliciously bad writing that makes the audience laugh.



Timeless Takes History and Makes It Personal

Timeless fans were, understandably, gutted at the announcement that the time travel drama had been canceled on June 22nd. They’d been down this road before when NBC canceled the time travel drama after the first season, and then uncanceled it four days later.



The Defiant Ones: Embracing Amanda Rosewater and Stahma Tarr

I think about the passage of time a lot, and the difference time can make on our perspectives. There are moments when time doesn’t seem to make a difference at all, and there are moments when time changes our perspective completely.

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Content Writing



I Am Violet Ready: Collaboration

My name is Lauren Busser and I am a graduate student earning my masters in the Tandon School of Engineering’s Integrated Design and Media program. I am writing today to tell you a bit about my experience collaborating with coworkers and classmates. A bit about me and my background, I am returning to school after spending some time working as a freelance writer and designer. What I didn’t realize at the time, was that while the former is often thought of as a solitary endeavor, the later is much more reliant on collaboration and an open dialogue. Not every place I have worked has been good at fostering that collaborative environment, but finding ways to advocate for it has helped me both learn and produce better work.



5 Ways to Boost Productivity in the Workplace

Your employees are key to your company's innovation, but is your office designed for their wellbeing? Many office designers have believed less is more over the last several years. Now, some researchers are finding that the concept of clean office space and the sedentary lifestyle fostered by most offices may actually be hurting your employee's productivity.



Workplace Design Trends for a Post-Pandemic World

It's time to reopen your office. But after a year of working remotely, how can you bring your employees back in a way that's safe and supportive? While some may rejoice about their office reopening, experts worry that there will be a new cause for burnout as employees return after a year of enjoying the flexibility of working from home. During this period, many workers have created and revamped their home offices to be peaceful places where they enjoy working.



Cilantro - All You Need to Know

Cilantro is a fresh herb. It has a slightly citrusy taste and is typically used as a finishing touch in dishes. It is usually sold in bunches and looks similar to parsley. The plants have delicate and lacy leaves that emit a unique soapy aroma that can attract or repel a person depending on their unique genetics.



What to Wear to Your Summer White Party

You have an invite to a party, and there’s a dress code: wear white. The dress code for an all-white party is simple: you need to find an outfit that is either all or mostly white. White parties have been popular ever since Diddy threw the first one on Labor Day of 1998. Since then, you can find them in cities like Chicago, New York, Miami, and Palm Springs.



The History of Vans

The Vans brand has been around since 1966, specializing in skateboarding shoes with a retro feel to them. Over the years, the brand has become equated with low-key California style, but at the heart of it all is self-expression and artistry that resonates with a variety of consumers, regardless of whether or not they skateboard. This guide outlines the history of Vans shoes, including how the brand got its start and how it became the iconic brand we know and wear today.

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