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Visiting Neighbors

App and Flier Prototypes for the
Walking with Wisdom Program

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App prototype for Visiting Neighbors in Manhattan


  • Visiting Neighbors Board of Directors

  • NYU Production Lab

  • NYU Wasserman Career Centers


  • Lauren Busser - Project Lead

  • Kseniia Balaenkova - Design Lead

  • Beryl Liu - Communications Liason

  • Ami Mehta - Research Lead

  • Jack Preston Issler - Presentation and Documentation Lead


This project was part of the Creative Careers Campaign in partnership with the NYU Production Lab. They partnered us with the nonprofit Visiting Neighbors where we were tasked with creating a series of walking tours for their senior citizens who would be escorted by a volunteer as part of their Walking with Wisdom program.

My Role

I came into the group with an abundance of work experience and I ended up being the project lead. My duties included:

  • Setting up a Slack workspace for remote collaboration

  • Guiding the team regarding the overall project

  • Managing the print design

  • Assisting in the digital design work

Final Prototypes

After taking into account the information we gathered from the client we decided to create a two-prong approach. with an app that would allow the 



Visiting Neighbors - Greenwich Village Walking Tour3.jpg
Visiting Neighbors - Greenwich Village Walking Tour.jpg
Visiting Neighbors - Greenwich Village Walking Tour2.jpg


After an initial client meeting, we learned that the primary objective was to create a way for seniors to get exercise and social with a secondary goal of capturing their stories. 

Visiting Neighbors App Prioritization (4).jpg
Visiting Neighbors App Prioritization - Frame 2.jpg
Visiting Neighbors App Prioritization - Frame 3.jpg
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